• 5 Bands Similar to Deftones 2022
    The Deftones are such a great band that they have become the benchmark. Chino Moreno’s lead vocals are instantly recognized practically anyplace, and the band’s sound is so distinct that only a few other bands in the business can come
  • 5 Bands Similar to Architects 2022
    Architects is one of those bands that constantly look to push the envelope of what metalcore is capable of. Exploring melodic and electronic subgenres alike, an Architects LP release feels like an exploration waiting to happen. Originating from a mathcore
  • 5 Bands Similar to Bring Me The Horizon 2022
    There’s no denying that Bring Me The Horizon has paved the way for not only one, but several musical styles and eras. What once started as one of the heavier and heartfelt bands, their new sound from the album “That’s